There are four national funds which support the programs of the Order. Each chapter within the Diocese should support these funds to allow the Order to continue its work. The national funds are: Alpha Fund, Endowment Fund, Self-Denial Fund and Master's Fund.  In addition, there is a diocesann service project, Bratenahl Fund, which collects layette items for mothers and babies in need.

There is also an annual assessment for each chapter. It supports the Diocesan Annual Day activity and other programs of the diocese.

Assessments are made from the Chapter's Treasury and made payable to The Order of the Daughters of the King-EDOW. Checks and accompanying form should be mailed to the Diocesan Treasurer.

Annual Diocesan Assessments For Each Chapter

This fund benefits the Jr. Daughters by assisting with the establishment and support of junior chapters. It also assists with the training of Jr. Daughters Directresses and with support of junior retreats.

Alpha Fund  [ingathering is September 5th]

Endowment Fund  [ingathering is November 1st]

This fund benefits the work of The Order as it provides an extension of Christ's Kingdom. Daughters and chapters may contribute by making bequests, memorials and thanksgivings. Also, daughters who take life memberships also benefit this fund.

Self-Denial Fund  [ingathering is February 2nd]

This fund benefits the mission work of the order. Mission trips, service projects, both foreign and domestic, for senior daughters and junior daughters are funded through the kind and generous contributions of our daughters. Daughters who contribute, deny themselves some small indulgence and contribute instead to the Self-Denial Fund.

Master's Fund  [ingathering is at Pentecost]

This fund benefits the ministry education and seminarians.

Bratenahl Fund  [contributed at Diocesan Annual Day]

This fund is the Diocesan Service Project which benefits needy mothers and babies. Each chapter collects layette items for contributions to needy mothers. Baskets of donated items are collected at annual Day.

Diocesan Chapter Assessment  [contributed at Diocesan Annual Day]

This assessment provides that each chapter must pay dues to the diocese and each member within each chapter must also pay dues to the diocese and must pay an annual day fee (whether or not the member attends the annual day activity).

  • Per Chapter - $13.00
  • Per Chapter Member - $6.00 [$3.00 chapter dues and $3.00 annual day fee]

Layette Baskets Should Be Brought To Annual Day Activity