Nehemiah Prayer Vigil 2020
September 1 - October 22

We are building walls of Prayer around our families, our churches, our cities, and our nation from September 1st - October 22nd, a total of 52 days, so that the Holy Spirit can come into our country and bring about peace and healing! 

Our Four Prayer Points

  • Repent - of injustice, inequality, hatred, violence and racism 
  • Restore - peace, civility, compassion; spiritual, physical and mental health.
  • Revive - sense of being one people - "One nation under God."
  • Recommit - daily to our motto, asking the Lord, "What will you have me do?" and asking the Lord to give you strength and courage to follow HIS direction. 

From The Book Of Nehemiah

Nehemiah's Prayer: Chapter 1: "O Lord, I confess the sins we Israelites (USA), including myself and my father's house, have committed against You."

Nehemiah recruits families to do the work: Let us start rebuilding the walls. So they began the good work.

Nehemiah's confirmation of the work: We will start rebuilding."

Nehemiah is helped to restore 9 gates around the broken walls: So the wall was completed in 52 days!

Ezra opens the Book of the Law: All the people stood up and listened to the Word of God.

Nehemiah encouraged the people to take a day of rest and celebration. Because the Lord was overjoyed with the worship of the people

The people agreed to obey the commands of the Lord. We will not neglect the house of our God.